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Covid-19 Requirements of the Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department

Wear a Mask at All Times

Operating and Safety Guidelines for Reopening Lawn Bowls Facilities

Requirement of the Parks and Recreation Department of Santa Barbara

All players must remain vigilant to adhering to the orders on social distancing and those for public gatherings.

DO NOT come to lawn bowls facility if any of the following apply:

You exhibit or experience symptoms of COVID-19.

You received a positive test result for COVID-19.

You had contact with someone who has received a positive COVID-19 test result.

You had contact with someone believed to be infected with COVID-19.

You traveled to a high-risk area in the past 14 days.

Guidelines to return to Facility for those confirmed with COVID-19:

Tested positive, then tested negative, no fever for 72 hours and a minimum 2 weeks since symptoms started.

Tested positive and the greater of 72 hours from last fever –or– 2 weeks after symptoms started –or– 2 weeks from date of positive test.


Hygiene Protocol for Players:

Players shall bring and use their own hand sanitizer before and after each play session.

Players shall clean and wipe down their own equipment, including bowls and water bottles.

Each player shall use their own bowls and ensure that they are the only person to touch their bowls.

Ensure no physical contact during games – don’t shake hands or high five.

Face masks are required to be worn the entire time one is on the lawn bowl property and mandatory during play.

Safety Considerations

The clubhouse will remain off-limits with the exception of equipment and bathroom access.

No food and beverage will be offered by the club. Members may bring their own food and beverage not to be shared.

Picnic areas will be roped off to prevent congregating.

Gates will be tethered open during operating hours.

Guests must wear masks and stay socially distanced

At this time, no spectators are allowed

Greens maintenance and housekeeping services will be scheduled on non-bowling days/times.

Please follow all CDC guidelines for our area.

Adhering to these guidelines is important and the failure to support them violates our facility operating policy.

 Numerous factors have been considered, but please remember the safety of players and City employees is a priority.

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