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Club Calendar

2023 Events Calendar


Jan. 2       Monday       Board Meeting

Jan. 9      Monday       Members Meeting


Feb. 4.    Saturday      Crosstown Tournament

Feb. 6    Monday    Board Meeting

Feb. 11   Saturday     Crosstown Tournament 

Feb. 13    Friday           Valentine Event


Mar. 4     Saturday     Mixed Novice Singles Tournament

Mar. 6    Monday    Board Meeting

Mar. 11    Saturday    Gold Coast (Oxnard)

Mar. 17    Wednesday      St. Patrick’s Event

Mar. 20/22/24    M/W/F     Spring Fling Triples


April 1     Saturday    Gold Coast (MacKenzie)

April 3     Monday      Board Meeting

April 8    Saturday    Mix & Match Pairs Championship

April 14     Friday     Bunny Hop Event

April 15    Saturday    Gold Coast (Oxnard)

April  22   Saturday     Mix & Match Vet/Novice Pairs


May 1     Monday   Board Meeting

May 6    Saturday    Gold Coast (MacKenzie)

May 20    Saturday   Gold Coast (Oxnard)


June 3    Saturday    Gold Coast (MacKenzie)

June 5     Monday      Board Meeting

June 19    Monday      Summer Solstice Event


July 3     Monday     Fourth of July Event

July 10     Monday     Board Meeting

July 15   Saturday   Friends and Family Event

July 17   Monday    Members Meeting

July 29  Saturday.  Fiesta Event


Aug. 7   Monday Board Meeting

Aug. 18    Friday      Pineapple Express Event


Sept. 9   Saturday   Mix & Match Triples Championship

Sept. 11     Monday     Board Meeting

Sept.  15    Friday    Crazy Hat Event

Sept. 16/17    Sat/Sun   Mixed Singles Championship

Sept. 23   Saturday     SWLBA  Vet/Novice Tournament


Oct. 2     Monday      Board Meeting

Oct. 7    Saturday      Oktoberfest Event

Oct. 14    Saturday    Mix & Match Novice Pairs

Oct. 16/18/20    M/W/F     Fall Fling Pairs Tournament

Oct. 29   Saturday     MPLBC Winter League Begins

Oct. 30   Monday    Halloween Event


Nov. 4   Saturday   Winter League

Nov. 6    Monday     Board Meeting

Nov. 10   Friday    Bill Blair Eighty & Over Tournament

Nov. 11    Saturday    Winter League

Nov.  18   Saturday    Winter League

Nov.  20    Monday    Thanksgiving Event


Dec. 2    Saturday      MPLBC Winter League  

Dec. 4    Monday     Board Meeting

Dec. 16   Saturday     Holiday Event


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