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Club Calendar

Most events have been canceled due to Covid-19. Board meetings will continue to meet as planned.  Lawn bowling and club tournaments will continue, however special rules are now in effect.   Tournament participation outside the Club is canceled.

2021 Events Calendar


Jan. 4        Monday       Board Meeting

Jan. 11      Monday       Members Meeting (email)


Feb. 1       Monday        Board Meeting

Feb. 12     Friday           Valentine Event


Mar. 1      Monday       Board Meeting

Mar. 8, 10, 12         Mon./Wed./Fri.       Spring Fling Triples Tournament

Mar. 17    Wednesday      St. Patrick’s Event


April 5     Monday      Board Meeting

April 10   Saturday     Spring Event

April 11, 18, 25      Sundays     Vet/Novice Pairs Championship


May 1     Saturday      Open House (tentative)

May 3     Monday      Board Meeting

May 16, 23, 30      Sundays      Club Pairs Championship


June 7     Monday      Board Meeting

June 18    Friday      Summer Solstice Event


July 4     Sunday      Fourth of July Event

July 5     Monday     Board Meeting

July 12   Monday    Members Meeting (email)


Aug. 2    Monday     Board Meeting

Aug. 7    Saturday    Fiesta Event

Aug. 20    Friday      Pineapple Express Bowling Event


Sept. 13   Monday     Board Meeting

Sept. 17    Friday        Social Event

Sept. 25   Saturday     Club Australian Pairs Tournament


Oct. 3,10,17    Sundays      Novice Pairs Championship

Oct. 4     Monday      Board Meeting

Oct. 9    Saturday      Oktoberfest Event

Oct. 30   Saturday     MPLBC Winter League


Nov. 1    Monday     Board Meeting

Nov. 5    Friday         Bill Blair 80 & Over Tournament

Nov. 6    Saturday     MPLBC Winter League

Nov. 13    Saturday    MPLBC Winter League

Nov. 20    Saturday    MPLBC Winter League

Nov. 22    Monday     Thanksgiving Event

Nov. 27   Saturday      MPLBC Winter League   (End Date/10 Teams)


Dec. 4.    Saturday      MPLBC Winter League  (End Date/12 Teams)

Dec. 6.    Monday     Board Meeting

Dec. 18   Saturday     Holiday Event


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