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About Us: MacKenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club

This beautiful facility, high on a knoll with a view of the mountains, was built with the dedication of lawn bowling participants, combined with support from the City of Santa Barbara. The first day of bowling on the Adams green of Mackenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club was January 6, 1966. The second green, Joslyn, was built in 1969. The U.S. National Championships were held here four times.  Our current club house was built in 2000.

At Mackenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club an important function of the club is to provide a venue and forum for social interaction for its members. Besides the sociability that is inherent in the sport of lawn bowling, the club has always organized other social activities, such as parties and visitations. Due to the pandemic crisis, we have had to postpone all of our wonderful social events.

To join MPLBC, one must take lessons to learn the basics, play in a welcoming game, and pay the membership fee. One may use the club’s bowls and must wear flat-soled shoes. This club is a friendly, welcoming place!

The MacKenzie Way

The MacKenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club maintains a polite, courteous, considerate and respectful attitude in its day to day activities.  The Club environment is a friendly and supportive one, providing a pleasant place to be for every member.  The club treasures an atmosphere where members treat one another with respect and observe the highest standards of good sportsmanship.

We know that a positive and enthusiastic attitude fosters camaraderie.  At all times we are careful not to do or say anything that will be offensive or will hurt others bowlers.  On the greens, all members of a team encourage fellow bowlers by positive reinforcement, and never subject them to criticism clear or implied by the use of body  language.  Suggestions for improvement in play, especially for newer members, are made in private.

We follow Club rules and policies which allows smooth running of the Club, and volunteer to assist in all the functions of the Club.  At the same time, we value the efforts of other volunteers and thank them for all they do on our behalf.

We bowl for friendship, for sportsmanlike competition, and for the joy of it.

MacKenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club

and Recreation Department of the City of Santa Barbara

The Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Santa Barbara provides the facilities for use by the MacKenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club.  We appreciate the support to and by the citizens of Santa Barbara with programs such as ours.

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